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If you're a farmer or rancher, your days are filled with work and labor. Don't spend time away from crops and livestock, researching the best insurance policy for your needs. Let independent agent

Annette K. Epp Insurance, Inc. take on this chore and find excellent coverage at a great price. I offer many policies that can be tailored to your specific needs. Allow me to work for you.

  • Farms and ranches

  • Barns, buildings, silos

  • Personal property, equipment, tools

  • Goodville Mutual, Marysville Mutual

  • Bremen Farmer's Mutual

"Being an independent agent enables me to find the best value for your insurance needs."

Not only will I provide the best farm and ranch coverage, I can get you excellent insurance for your home, truck, and boat. With 19 years of experience, you can trust me to work hard for you every time. Call for a FREE estimate.

Locally-owned, 19 years of experience, and FREE estimates.

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